Round Our Volunteers 

UUHA Libraries & Books


Library: enriches knowledge for children and adults. Libraries are installed or adopted in orphanages, schools, wherever needed.


Books: written and designed by chosen authors who use funny characters and stories to help children learn. Strengthens the awareness that all can form and transform, even their lives.


Translations - all UUHA publications will be  translated to other languages as well as published in Braille.



UUHA Educational Day


Education in action!  

Promotes learning through hands-on-experiences, stimulating a relation to real-world scenarios. Sparks creativity and enhances the imagination. 



UUHA Environmental Day


Adopt a park! Save the sea! Clean your city! Go green! Promotes environmental awareness, and consciousness about our surroundings




UUHA on Wheels


Reaching out to children and adults who wish to learn and are looking for educational formation. Here, all volunteering and  "education through the imagination" are done using a van. 





UUHA-Precious-Hugs.  Encourages crafting and sewing as  an applied art. Develops fine motor skills and motivates the process of exploring, experimenting, and creating.

The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.                                        -Rabindranath Tagore-

Education through the imagination! 

UUHA Theatre


Performance of small sketches based on stories and books published by UUHA Literature & Art. Theatre themes will be chosen to better attend the community where they will be presented.





Sport Activity Moment

Promotes the practice of sports and its benefits on health; develops patience and respect, among other values. Encourages peaceful interaction and coexistence through sports dynamics. 





Develops the understanding and appreciation of other cultures and peoples. Interactive and fun activity through stories, broadening the scope of attention. 


UUHA Book Trailer

Porto Alegre Book Fair