The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.                                        -Rabindranath Tagore-

UUHA believes in sharing ideas, values, projects;

all towards helping children to have a better future.



The UUHA Team travels the world. They research, participate,  learn and share education; the various forms of teaching; how to employ the methodologies in schools, orphanages, where someone cares to learn.   


They found these same values at the Small Art School in Siem Reap which it now supports.​








In Porto Alegre, Brazil, they have developed and built a cultural center at the Lar Esperança orphanage, where they promote educational encounters, conduct creative and expressive literature workshops, and encourage education

and self-improvement.




Building partnerships to promote

"education through the imagination".

Prismatic World Map


UUHA locations where books are donated, libraries have been implemented,

and future project development is underway. 

Lar Esperança - Rua Deodoro, 250

Bairro Mário Quintana - Porto Alegre, RS

We promote imagination!


We develop libraries!

We conduct workshops!


We believe in continous improvement!

We tell stories!


We share knowledge!


As part of UUHA´s interaction with educational institutes worldwide, it donates part of its published children literature to schools and libraries.


Welcoming this contribution is Winslow Elementary School in Indiana where issues in the English language are sent for their enjoyment.  



Broadening horizons from our community to the world!









Winslow Elementary School, Indiana