Why support UUHA Projects?



UUHA Worldwide Projects (UWP) means to enable education for children through  the imagination.   It creates a better future for them personally and professionally. 


Projects include: children´s books, instruction through art, photography, theatre, movies and folk art; the development of libraries and schools; an association for literature and art, and many more.


Everything done by UUHA Projects is focused on helping children learn that all can form and transform,

even their lives.







A small contribution can help build futures.

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Anything is something.  The smallest thought can bring on  significant changes; a small contribution can help build futures!  Please help us to help children believe in their dreams, their hopes, their future and most importantly, in themselves.  



How to Contribute


There are three ways to contribute to our projects:

 Donating, Supporting, and/or Becoming a Patron


We appreciate  your support, be it big, small, or just with thoughts of 

a brighter   future  for the children of our   world.     


Thank you!






            (value of your choice)

  • UUHA Library and Books
  • UUHA Educational Day
  • UUHA Environmental Day
  • UUHA on Wheels



  • R$50 - R$99
  • R$100 - R$249
  • R$250 - R$299
  • R$300 - R$499
  • R$500 - R$1000


  • R$2500
  • R$5000
  • R$10000
  • R$20000
  • R$25000

                                                                                                                                                                                    CAIXA ECONÔMICA FEDERAL

UUHA Worldwide Ltda.

Conta no. 366-4  Agência 1588

CNPJ: 26.253.664/0001-56








If you wish to remain anonymous, if you need a receipt, please inform our administrative department at: uuhaworldwide@yahoo.com.

We will be happy to attend to your needs. 



Thank you!

Values in Brazilian Reais

All other currencies please use our Paypal account. 

If in doubt, please contact Sandra D. Becker at e-mail: uuhaworldwide@yahoo.com.